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Shortly after its publication, on May 3rd, 2019, Nature Reviews Cancer highlighted the work with a brief news article: “Better safe than sorry: a potential prophylactic treatment for brain metastasis”


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This paper has been selected by Optica Editorial Board for press release titled: “Enhanced 3D Imaging Poised to Advance Treatments for Brain Diseases” and it has been featured in several important news outlets: EurekaAlert!, Phys.Org, Businesswire, Radiology Business (“Microscope add-on could be a game-changer for 2D, 3D brain imaging“), Drug Target Review (“Enhanced 3D neuron imaging could diagnose brain disease“), Photonics Media (“Microscopy Add-On Enhances Neuronal Image Resolution Under Dim Conditions“), ITWeb (“Open source contributes to medical innovation“), MedGadget (“Looking Deep Into Living Brain Using Photon Counter on Laser Scanning Microscope“) and NovusLight (“Photon Counting Solution Advances 3D Imaging of Living Brain“).

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